N-eyes creations

‘Synaps Teaser Video.  Soleras’ Coater Control Software Platform’. 2021

‘Synaps Explainer Video.   Soleras’ Coater Control Software Platform’ 2021
More about the product on www.synaps.soleras.com .

‘Dance and piano improvisation on the Theme Climate’ DBZ Proclamation 2018-2019
with Loredana Cremery and Nathan Bruynoghe

‘Strøm’ DBZ Proclamation 2018-2019, Overwhelming re-edition of DBZ Composing Competition 2018-2019

‘Strøm’ on Composing Competition 2018-2019 DBZ , 1st

Quatre Mains on ‘Vrolijke Vrienden’

‘Refugees & Music’ as theme

Composing Competition 2016-2017 DBZ

Sound track ‘Named …’ waiting for text

Sound track ‘okee’

Music used in…  https://elevatingthegenre.wordpress.com/  podcast